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Andy Kirschner

Originally from Detroit, Andy Kirschner first moved to Chicago after college. He has had several job titles throughout his career, including knife-seller, recruiting manager, bagel-maker, life coach, tour guide, career counselor, Weight Watchers facilitator, alumni director, and interfaith leader. Currently, he combines all of those skills along with his training in improv comedy at 100 Reasons to Win, where he helps professionals grow so they can replace excuses to fail with reasons to succeed. He also has assisted organizations in engaging communities of leaders so that they carry out a vision for meaningful change.

Andy spends his free time running distance races, running around the Midwest to visit family and friends and running out of time to make an Oy! deadline. After all that, he runs home to his wife and two kids to apologize for being so busy. He is passionate about his involvement as a volunteer in the Jewish communityand is also getting better at spending more time with his family.

Articles by this Author
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