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Jeremy Owens

Jeremy Owens is the creator, producer and host of the live-lit/storytelling show You're Being Ridiculous. He lives in Rogers Park with his adorable husband Andy and adorabler dog Sally Field.

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Choosing to Be Jewish photo
Everything is a choice. The shoes you put on this morning, the route you took to work, where you're eating lunch, your trip to the gym tonight. We're selecting and making decisions every minute of our lives.
The Lousy Vegetarian photo
You’re doing it wrong. Need proof? Take a look at your Facebook feed. Did you vote for the right person, go to the right protest, make the right sign, eat the right thing, wear the right color, see the right movie, love the right celebrity, choose the correct outfit, get the right haircut, save the right animal, fight for the right cause?
A moment at her side photo 1
My story, the narrative that I hold tightly at the center of who I am, the origin of all of my clinging and everything else that makes me a person, is about my mother.
Stories and Voices that Must Be Heard photo
The first event I attended post-election that didn’t involve me eating my feelings was “Israel Story Live.”
18 Chicago Food Spots photo
What and where are the places you run into Jews you know? The question sounds easy enough. You’ve probably already listed five places while reading this sentence.
One Billion Dollars photo_th

I have a confession to make. It’s practically treasonous, so prepare yourself: I do not want a billion dollars.

40 … photo_th

In just a few days I’m going to be 40. FORTY. How did that happen? Whoever said that time flies, wasn’t joking around. It feels like I was in high school about half an hour ago and suddenly here I am at an age that sounded light years away.

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